18th June 2017
The Drury Lane Project 2006.

For the benefit of those not on facebook, or those who don't follow Friends of Thringstone, here are some photos of Drury Lane in 2006. For those that don't recognise that name, it is the little lane by the side of what is now Thringstone Co-op where there is a lot of planting and a blue bench. At that time, it was an overgrown area next to the Rose and Crown. This was our first ever Friends of Thringstone project and was suggested by Ray Neal - turning the overgrown lane into something that people could go down to access the fields beyond, plant it, reinstate the pathway etc. All this was done by our group, with the agreement of LCC, and we blagged a free JCB for the morning to start it all off, then had to arrange to get the muck off site and plant it up, and put in the pathway. So, next time you go down there, look at our planting and the blue bench and sit and think how nice it is, remember what it was.