16th May 2016
A Century of stories.

We had our final Century of Stories workshop today with the girls presenting their work to the assembled audience of parents, Century of Stories staff and 2 guests, and turning their poem into a play and then giving their parents love hearts, which links to what soldiers did during the WW1 period itself. It was a lovely experience, and all the girls have come on in leaps and bounds and shown true interest in the village. Here are some photos. The banner which has been produced from their work is at the moment by the RBL display en route to the kitchen area at the centre. If it can stay there during the period of Copacabana, that would be great. I have the bag it belongs in. When the banner moves to Coalville Library and Loughborough Library, Louise will tell me, and I will provide the bag for it as I will keep that here. Thanks again to all involved in the project. It was a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful experience. Nita and Ann Friends of Thringstone