21st June 2014
21st June 2014 - BBC Radio Leicestershire - "Clueless".

Did you hear us on BBC Radio Leicester's "Clueless" on the morning of the 21st June 2014 then?
Probably not, no.
They came to Thringstone, and I (Nita) had to put the clue out. This is the third time I have done this for the show. Last clues were at The Old School House and The Gables, so couldn't use those locations again.
This was the clue:

Hornet Sting
Founded by small temporary structure recently memorialised in green.
Frighten and express gloating satisfaction

Hornet Sting is an anagram of Thringstone.
The clue was at Thringstone House Community Centre and was hidden behind one of the two wooden scarecrows on the fence.
Ray Neal and I spoke to Julie at the time about the green plaque to Charles Booth, but not for long as she was busy finding answers to the next clue, and had been delayed by going to the Millennium stone on The Green first.