13th June 2014

Bit disappointed with the turnout for the litter pick today which concentrated on the woods again.
There were 9 cadets, 2 staff and me, Bernard, Pam, Leon and Jackie. Nobody else from FoT came, so yet again the FoT members were outnumbered by the guests. We also met up with a cyclist who is from the Geocache network and had a good chat with him about the litter he picks up and why.
This morning, we picked up 12 bags in total plus the usual buckets, metal and wheels and I have informed the council accordingly about the pick up.
There was also a mattress in the woods, but nobody would help drag it to the Melrose Road gate near the sustrans, so we left it there.
The Air Cadets were very useful, but still the badge for best help goes to Whitwick Scouts from last time who were great. We had chips and stuff afterwards which cost FoT 24.30, but we had enough in petty cash to cover this, so no problems.