07th March 2014

There were 15 scouts from the Whitwick troup with their leaders, plus me, Ann Petty and Angel, Ron Hill and George Varley, Pam Porter and Bernard Lee from Friends of Thringstone on the litter pick in Thringstone today.
The litter pick concentrated on clearing the Grace Dieu woodland area, although we don't tell the refuse people at NWLDC that, as they will only collect stuff if they think it came from the streets, so don't tell them otherwise please!.
Attached are the photos taken, from which you will see there was a big hoard which included a tent, broken metal items, a broken TV, wheels and various other such delights.
Ron and George collected another 10 bags from down by the George and Dragon, and took those home before I could take a photo!
Thanks to everybody who helped.
I will say how brilliant Whitwick scouts were, and also thank the community centre for allowing us to gatecrash their International Women's Day event and have free tea, coffee and orange juice, plus bananas and biscuits.