18th October 2013

Today's community litter pick attracted a total of 7 adults and one young lady called Angel, who did a wonderful job of picking up litter as well as jumping into puddles.
It was nice to get anybody out this morning on what looked like it was going to be a wet morning.
Here are the photos. Sorry but as one person came late, he is not on the photos.
As a little group we collected 11 bags on the litter pick, plus the 3 that I picked up earlier before the litter pick started.
Ron Hill went down the dangerous road to the George and Dragon and picked up 4 bags from just down there. We don't normally go down there because of traffic issues, but he said he wanted to do that bit, so we let him!
All litter was either recycled or taken home, so no need to get the council to pick any up.
I will add what we got today to the weekly totals tomorrow, but am really pleased that we managed to do areas which we don't normally do on a daily/weekly basis.
Well done all.