23rd June 2013
The friends of Thringstone Coalville 2013 stall.

The friends of Thringstone Coalville 2013 stall.
Gosh that was a long day.
Set up at 8.30 and left the site at 5.45pm.
Had weather ranging from sunshine, to torrential downpours, to drizzle, to windy and everything in between.
Amazingly, we cleared about 2/3rds of what we took, and the remaining 7 boxes of stuff went to the Air Ambulance stall who were pleased to have them.
Thanks go to Bernard Lee, Ray Woodward, Janet Stevenson (whose birthday was today - what a way to spend a birthday), Roy Hill, David Stevenson, Ron Hill and George Varley for coming and helping either set up, take down, or in the case of Bernard and Roy, stopping there more or less all day\ and Janet for coming yesterday to load up, take there this morning, then to ring bells and come back.
Thanks also to Ray for arranging to get the tables to us, and for bringing them and taking them back and also stopping behind the stall.
Thanks to Lis, Rowena, Maggie, Gillian, Ann and Tam for the stuff we had available to sell, excluding plants for which we thank Bernard.
We have a few plants left to sell at the scarecrow event.
Bottom line - how much did we take? Amazingly 159.46 which is straggering since the weather was so awful and many people must have stayed away.
I think the stand was 25, so all in all, very successful.
Thanks to all concerned.