8th March 2013
Litterpick with 1188 Air Cadets.

Thank you to everybody who came out to help us litter pick today, which was members of the 1188 Air Cadets, members of Friends of Thringstone and Polly Page, housing officer for Thringstone.
It wasn't warm, was it!
We collected 17 black bin liners full of rubbish in total from the village, and I need to say that we greatly appreciate the help of 1188 Air Cadets, who did a sterling job.
Some people (Bernard Lee for example) escaped any main group photo I took but I got him in the end in an action shot. One I took of him with Pam was too blurry to use - sorry!
Those that wanted it were treated to fish and chips at Ruby's afterwards.
It was a good morning, and a lot achieved.