25th June 2011
The friends of Thringstone Litter Pick.

The Friends of Thringstone litter pick, in the rain, today attracted 12 brownies, 1 rainbow, and their 2 leaders, 2 parents and 8 members of FoT plus one young helper. We were surprised how clean the village was, and we only managed in our 2 hours to pick up 8 bags of litter. Obviously the regular collection of litter by our members on an ongoing daily/weekly basis is paying dividends. Thanks to all who came out and helped, and especially to the young people who came out in the rain, and I am hoping that one of our members who came out without a coat and got drenched doesn't now come down with pneumonia! Thanks to Pam and Sue for organising the litter pick and getting the snacks and drinks for the youngsters.
image 001.