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Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2011 Keep Britain Tidy Diamond Jubilee Award RCC Village Achievements Award 2010 East Midlands in Bloom 2009 Footprints Challange 2009 Nationwide Community Award 2009

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Read a summary of our achievements since the formation The Friends of Thringstone in 2005

Membership to The Friends of Thringstone costs just £4.00 per year, and helps support the work that we do.

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What's on in the Thringstone area.


GEOCACHING EVENT. Family Geocaching Coalville Monday 17th february 2020 at Coalville park 1pm - 3pm. 

Litter Picks

Our next litter picks will be held on:-

Litter pick dates to be announced.

Leicestershire Constabulary Rural Beat Surgeries

Your local Beat Officers hold regular beat surgeries.

Come along and express your views and concerns to your local beat team at any of the locations on the dates and times shown in the time table below.

Thringstone Beat Surgery

Come and meet your neighbourhood beat team and discuss any policing issues you may have.

Confirmed dates for Leicestershire Police events are:
Leicestershire Police Events for your diary. 
A list of all the police officers on the Bardon beat, which covers also Whitwick and Thringstone is available at the police web-site:.

Our local police team 

The Thringstone Members Club

It costs just £3.00 to join The Thringstone Members Club for a year

Each Week – Tuesday, Friday and Sunday 9pm – Members Bingo - £1.00 a book

Saturday nights – Karaoke

To become a member please call in at the Thringstone Members Club

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Map of the Thringstone area
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Click here to view Geoff Walker's Friends of Thringstone events 2010 video

Smart meter loan scheme

As a result of a successful funding bid, Friends of Thringstone are now able to offer residents of the village the opportunity to borrow a Smart Meter.

These are a very useful addition to the home as they provide you with up to the second information on the amount of electricity you are using in terms of both power and cost, and thus allow you to look at making savings. You can see in real time the benefits of turning off electrical devices at home. Whether it's turning off at the plug rather than just using standby, or simply turning off a light, the smart meter shows you the cash impact of changing your habits and behaviours which could amount to savings of hundreds of pounds per year.

Friends of Thringstone have 7 Owl meters, which are available through a Loan Scheme, linking to NWLDC's sustainability team.

If you are interested in borrowing one of these meters, please contact either:
Pam Porter on
01530 469474
Nita Pearson on
01530 223434
to discuss this.

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The local weather for the Thringstone area.